World Rescue Challenge 2015  14 to 18 Oct

O maior Campeonato anual do Mundo de Trauma e Salvamento. Este ano em Lisboa!
The annual biggest World Class Rescue and Trauma Challenge. This year in Lisbon!


World Rescue Challenges


The WRC sees world class rescue and trauma teams compete annually in an event designed to challenge emergency service personnel by developing and enhancing their existing skills and to help raise awareness of the global problem of road death and injury.

Over fifty international teams participate in the challenge each year, which covers two challenge disciplines, Extrication and Trauma.

Within the Extrication challenge discipline teams are assessed against Incident Command, Medical and Technical Rescue by a team of dedicated international assessors. Each extrication team consists of six members which include the team leader, two medics, two technical rescue personnel and one person responsible for operational support.

All teams will compete in three of the four evolutions.

Within the trauma challenge discipline teams are assessed against Casualty Care Management and Progression by a team of dedicated international medical assessors. Each trauma team consists of two members.  

All teams compete in the following evolutions:


Complex Challenge

Standard Challenge

Limited Challenge

Rapid Challenge


To date there have been 16 WRC`s which have been held in:


1999 - Australia

2000 - Scotland

2001 - South Africa

2002 - Czech Republic

2003 - Canada

2004 - England

2005 - New Zealand

2006 - South Africa

2007 - Spain

2008 - Wales

2009 - Germany

2010 - Ireland

2011 - New Zealand

2012 - England

2013 - America

2014 - England UK Fire Service College


The 2015 challenge will be the seventeenth World Rescue Challenge and will take place in Lisboa, Portugal between the 14th and 18th October 2015. Block off your diary for what is going to be a fantastic event.


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